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Shows and Workshops for Any Occasion

The CCL National Touring Company features a variety of different shows and workshops designed to meet the needs of any group. Please see the descriptions below or contact Harmony Artists, Inc. for more information.

CCL National Touring Company Shows



Isn't It Iconic

Chicago City Limits, NYC’s legendary Improv theater company, brings its unique style of comedy and audience-inspired improvisations to a theater near you.  Isn’t it Iconic takes aim at the cultural icons of our day – the faces, places and events that fill our headlines, TV shows and tabloids.   Just as our culture is a moving target, Isn't It Iconic is an ever-changing combination of comedy sketches, song parodies and side splitting improvisations created on-the-spot.  The show is smart, funny and fast paced, and always family friendly.


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America Idles

Sociologists sneered when Andy Warhol predicted we would evolve into a culture where everyone had their 15 minutes of fame. That quicky turned into 15 second, as reality shows took over the airwaves, creating heros and villians in the blink of an eye. With each new Tweet, the phone has become mightier than the pen, which long ago eclipsed the sword.

America Idles takes a look at all this by tapping into the collective consciousness of the audience that comes to see Chicago City Limits each night. It glorifies and vilifies the deities we create, which change as quickly as the weather. From the economy, healtcare and global conflicts, to those who dance with the stars and hang on Simon's caustic comments, America Idles takes its inspiration from you the audience. Waste is a terrible thing to mind, and CCL makes sure that won't happen!




Chicago City Limits launches the ’09-’10 touring season with WIKIPHOBIA! The internet is slowly seeping into every corner of our lives and transforming the world as we know it: "Google" is no longer just a number; "Friend" is no longer just a noun; and virtual, user-generated facts are as good as actual, factual facts.

In WIKIPHOBIA, the cast of Chicago City Limits surfs the web at high-speed, taking issue with the issues and finding comedic links between the biggest stories in the news and actual news. Whether it's global warming or global blogging, networking or Netflix, international affairs or interpersonal ones, Chicago City Limits delivers an evening of fast-paced, high-energy comedy!


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Revenge of the Reindeer!

The holiday season brings wishes of joy and peace on earth, but not necessarily if you’re a reindeer— especially one that has to spend their holiday season flying from rooftop to rooftop lugging a big fat guy in a red suit who keeps trying to squeeze down chimneys.

Well, we all have our issues, and Chicago City Limit’s special holiday show, REVENGE OF THE REINDEER, gives us a chance to air them out. Through a combination of comedy sketches, improvisations created on-the-spot from audience suggestions and song parodies, the CCL cast will add a little Ho Ho Ho point-of-view to the trials and tribulations of the past year. This special December event is unlike any other holiday show. Yule love it!


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School Dazed

Chicago City Limits brings its unique style of improv comedy to your campus with SCHOOL DAZED, a hilarious show in which your school takes center stage. Before rolling into town, the CCL cast will learn all about your hallowed halls—campus happenings, faculty and administrators, courses, sports teams, and more—and weave that information into a customized, interactive show your audience will never forget.

SCHOOL DAZED is an ideal event for student orientations, admitted student weekends, alumni events, and parent/sibling weekends. SCHOOL DAZED can also be seamlessly combined with CCL's improv workshops to help groups of any size and level of fear (i.e., Freshmen…) break the ice.


CCL National Touring Company Workshops

Improvisational Workshops

Are you an actor looking to practice new techniques? Someone who'd like to loosen up and learn to think more quickly on your feet? Chicago City Limits offers workshops in improvisation geared to people of all ages and all levels of experience, from newcomers to the art form to seasoned performers. Workshops introduce a number of improvisational techniques to foster creativity, out-of-the box thinking and performance skills. They're fun, fast-paced and taught in a supportive environment.

All workshops are taught by a Chicago City Limits cast member and are ideal for actors, comedians, teachers or anyone who wants to feel more creative.

This workshop can be conducted in a variety of locations—in a classroom or gym, on stage, backstage, etc.—as long as there is sufficient floor room for all participants to move around comfortably. Standard workshops last 90 minutes but can be shortened or lengthened to accommodate your needs.

Comedy in the Workplace

Chicago City Limits brings its award-winning style of improvisational comedy to the workplace with a hands-on, interactive workshop experience designed to entertain and enlighten. This program introduces participants to the skills and techniques improvisational actors use to maximize their creativity and spontaneity on stage. Performance experience is definitely not a prerequisite to join in the fun. The class is conducted in a supportive and light-hearted atmosphere.

This workshop is ideal for any company, organization or department that would like to encourage people to feel more comfortable thinking “out-of-the-box” and listening to, embracing and improving upon each other’s ideas. It’s an ideal teambuilding event! Here is an opportunity to provide your corporate sponsors with a very memorable reward for their support.

These classes have become part of the training experience at many companies, including GE Capital, American Express, Merck, General Foods, and Comedy Central. Basic sessions last about 2 hours and can be tailored to a company’s specific needs. There are no major technical requirements - simply a room will do.

Diversity Workshops

Diversity is more than gender, race and religion. It reflects the way we live, our personal tastes, lifestyles, and attitudes. Everyone is different, and it is those differences that often represent a great untapped resource in a company, group or organization.

The Chicago City Limits’ Diversity Workshop celebrates those individual differences. A series of exercises help identify differences and similarities among participants. Find out what talents and skills each individual possess and offer to the group. Learn how different approaches to problems, issues and situations facing a company or organization strengthen its ability to deal with and resolve conflicts and issues. Sharing mutual and diversified experiences not only strengthens the team, but brings a renewed sense of invigoration to the group, and helps it work more effectively and productively.

Chicago City Limits has done workshops with such companies as American Express, Bayer, Pepsi and many others.


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