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Private Coaching with CCL Corporate

Train with New York City's Top Professional Improvisers

Speaking confidently and effectively is an essential tool for those who lead meetings, manage others, present ideas, or do any kind of public speaking. Whether you’re a CEO about to tell the world why your company needs a federal bailout or a copywriter who would like the client to understand the idea before rejecting it, CCL’s speaker coaches can help.

Our team—the top professionals in their field—specialize in showing you how to structure your talk, deliver your message in a clear and compelling way, and make your audience think you actually like to talk in front of groups. We’ve worked with heads of companies, middle managers, sales people and countless others, and can help you deliver a dynamic performance with poise and confidence.

For more information about private coaching, or about any of our other corporate services, download our Corporate Services Brochure or contact us via email with your needs.